Long-term Impact

We support communities seeking to raise children who thrive in school, work, and life. 

Our mission is to increase access to high-quality early education programs for working families in the Kansas City region. Our role is to find proven and promising programs serving geographies of highest need, invest resources so staff and children can thrive and parents can be productive in the workforce, and lead at the systems-level to connect and engage a variety of stakeholders. 

Helping a child is like making a deposit in an account that will only grow over time.

Return on Investment

For Kids

Reducing the opportunity gap

Students who succeed in K-12 are more likely to go on to college or vocational training, reducing the opportunity gap and leading to steady careers and financial independence. 

For Parents

Career growth and financial stability

Greater focus and productivity at work leads to career growth and financial stability, decreasing the likelihood of inter-generational poverty.

For Communities

Lowered lifelong healthcare costs

A stable child-care situation creates less stress for children and parents, lowering lifelong healthcare costs. Healthy, self-sufficient families support a strong local economy. 

For Employers

Steady supply of skilled employees

Better educational outcomes open the door to higher levels of study and preparation. A steady supply of skilled employees allows businesses to expand and grow, keeping pace with innovations.